nick hennies, performing his composition ‘psalms’, may 10, 2013 at studio z in st. paul, minnesota.












I have followed percussionist Nick Hennies’ work for a number of years; I wrote about his release Liminal in the first week of launching my  blog. I am pleased as hell, after a couple of years of our exchanging ideas about his coming here, to present Hennies in a solo percussion set.

For me there is a sort of organic loop at play here, as the first crow concert presented percussionist Greg Stuart, an occasional Hennies collaborator, in a solo setting on May 7, 2011. So nearly  two years to the date, another of my favorite percussionists graces the crow series, with music for vibraphone, snare drum, triangle and whatever else Hennies brings.

trio and me

introducing the Rhrr Trio, mai 10, 2013, at studio z in st. paul, minnesota.
frederic blondy ~  piano
  gulaine cosseron ~  voice
  xavier charles  ~ clarinet








I go back a little further with the music of 2/3 of the Rhrr trio, to pianist Blondy’s excellent collaborations with  Lê Quan Ninh and Thomas Lehn, which extend back to 2003 and 2007,  respectively. I first encountered clarinetist Charles in 2001, in the trio project Contest of Pleasures, with fellow pitch scientists John Butcher and Axel Dorner. Vocalist Guylaine Cosseron is a recent discovery – the Rhrrr project is one of several working groups Ms. Cosseron participates in.

The opportunity to hear this trio in Studio Z, which was designed for a chamber ensemble, is exciting; the studio has a 5’10” Steinway available for M. Blondy.

I am particularly pleased to present an evening of musicians who sculpt and shape their sounds on orchestral instrumentation, following the season’s prior four concerts consisting, with a couple of exceptions, of the noisiest part of the EAI continuum (Chulki, Soliday, Mueller, Rainey, Panzner and Lescalleet). Following this concert, crow takes a hiatus until August, so come and hear four superb musicians in a room designed for listening.


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